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Visual Arts


  1. Nurture students with the virtues of creativity, openness, flexibility and aesthetic sensitivity for learning to learn and life-long learning;
  2. Provide students with a balanced visual arts curriculum and diversified learning experiences;
  3. Prepare senior students (taking Visual Arts as an elective) for further studies in art, design and related areas in tertiary education; and
  4. Develop positive attituded towards the learning in art & design.


  1. Encourage students to involve in artistic presentations for the expression of personal feelings and thoughts;
  2. Develop students’ visual cognition and generic skills;
  3. Broaden students’ perspectives through exploration of the arts of diverse culture;
  4. Cultivate students’ affection, personal refinement, morals and sense of commitment in the community; and
  5. Cater learner differences in the learning of visual arts.


The objectives of the curriculum would be achieved by meeting the Four Key Learning targets in accordance with specific learning activities.

  1. Developing creativity and imagination
    Developing students’ imagination, visual presentation skills and creativity through art appreciation, criticism and making.
  2. Developing skills and process
    i. Developing the skills of using visual language, form of presentation and a variety of materials for art making;
    ii. Developing the skills and understanding the process in using language for description, analysis, and communication; and
    iii. Developing positive learning attitudes for continual exploration and experiment through the process of making.
  3. Cultivating critical responses
    i. Using proper visual language to make critical responses by observing, describing, analyzing and judging the value of art works; and
    ii. Comprehending cultural and aesthetic information through various types of art.
  4. Understanding arts in context
    Understanding the meaning and value of artwork in different cultural contexts, including the art historical, personal, social, cultural, ideological and political aspects.

Art Basel Visit

PMQ Visit

VTC Workshop

Conservation Workshop

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

BODW Visit & Workshop

Hong Kong Flower Competition

Prinkmaking Workshop

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

Chinese painting course in school

Costume design workshop


Visit of the Wun Yiu Exhibition

Sheung Wun Yiu Village, Tai Po

World Heart Day

Painting Competition

Artist Workshop

Artist Workshop

Fotan Studio Visit

Sheung Wun Yiu Village, Tai Po

Chinese Shadow Play Workshop

Student Artwork / Design