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Big Brothers and Sisters

Students’ advisors and team of Big Brothers and Sisters Scheme (2023-24)

Purpose of the Big Brothers and Sisters Scheme:


  1. To create a more pleasant and supportive campus atmosphere for F.1 students.
  2. To strengthen the students’ sense of belonging to our school.
  3. To train student leaders as the big brothers and sisters and act as the role models.
  4. To train the big brothers and sisters to take the initiative to teach F.1 students to adapt to new school life and to share the experiences in dealing with some social skills and personal hygiene problems.

Persons Responsible

There are 38 big brothers and sisters to serve all F. 1 new schoolmates in the academic year 2021-22. In addition, there are four students’ advisors including teachers and school social worker to provide advice and assistance to the big brothers and sisters.

Types of Activities

  • To implement the program by organizing pre-service training camp, training day and in-service support meetings for the big brothers and sisters.
  • Arrange “ F. 1 Orientation Day” to introduce the big brothers and sisters to the F. 1 classes.
  • Participation in F.1 Homework Class to assist F.1 schoolmates to do their assignments. (學兄學姊入功課班)
  • Arrange F.1 Lunch-gathering with big brothers and sisters (中一全級午間共聚)
  • Participation in Activity of the Gospel Week (出席福音週活動)
  • Evaluation meeting will be held to review the program and to collect feedbacks from big brothers and sisters. (甜酸苦辣分享會)

Training Day for Big Brothers and Sisters

Character Strengths Games Booth Day

Evaluation meeting and prize presentation

Lunch gatherings

Uniform test / Examination preparation workshops