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Student Council Sonder

Student Council Sonder


Our name, Sonder, means the acknowledgement of everyone’s meaningful and complex life. Our goal is to become the unity of each and every sparkle in this huge constellation, nurturing and illuminating the black space around us.


“Glow Together, Shine Brighter.”

We believe every student has the capability of achieving success. We hope through hosting various activities, we can support each other to flourish their own odyssey. 

Executive Committee Members:

  1. Chairperson: 5A Li Yu
  2. External Vice-chairperson: 4C Wai Ka Yu
  3. Internal Vice-chairperson: 5D Li Kin Wa
  4. Secretary: 4D Kwok Ching Lam
  5. Treasurer: 5D Tsoi King Shing
  6. Activity Secretary: 4D Cheung Yu Yam
  7. Activity Secretary: 4C Mung Ka Lok
  8. General Secretary: 4C Ng Ka Hei
  9. Welfare Secretary: 4B Liang Xiaojing
  10. Welfare Secretary: 4C Cheung Sung Ching Jeff
  11. Academic Secretary: 5A Ng Tsz Ying
  12. Public Relations Secretary: 4B Cheung Yat Ka

Activities Highlights

  1. 虛實尋蹤
  2. Second-hand Book Fair
  3. Escape Room
  4. Beach-cleanup activity
  5. Dessert Workshop
  6. Singing Contest
  7. Variety Show