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Student Council Apricity

Purpose of the Big Brothers and Sisters Scheme:


Our name, Apricity, is the warmth of the sun in winter.
We hope to“Thaw the ice, light the sky”, and become a beam of sunlight
in the freeze to shine through and warm our students, as well as accompany them.


“Thaw the ice, light the sky.”
We hope to be the sunlight and hold various activities
to thaw the aloofness between students and the outside world.

Persons Responsible


Honorary Consultants:

  1. The Principal
  2. The Vice-Principal

Executive Consultants:

  1. All members of the Co-Curricular Activities Action Group
  2. Tutors of the Executive Sub-committees

Executive Committee Members:

  1. Chairperson:  5D Yeung Ching Kwong
  2. External Vice-Chairperson:  5D Chan Pak Wai
  3. Internal Vice-Chairperson:  5D Yeung Shuk Ching
  4. Treasurer:  5B Wan Sum Yee
  5. Secretary:  5B Yam Pui Yan
  6. Welfare Secretary:  4A Li Wai Yan
  7. Public Relations Secretary:  5B Liu Ling Chi
  8. Activities Secretary:  4A Chau Kwan Ho, 4D Hui Ki Yiu
  9. Academic Secretary:  5D Wong Ching Hoi
  10. General Secretary:  4C Choi Yee Man

Types of Activities

Activities Highlights

  1. Escape Room 密室逃脫
  2. 安柱大笪地
  3. Salad Bowl 問答比賽
  4. Memes Festival
  5. 填詞比賽
  6. Singing Contest
  7. Variety Show


1. Stationery Selling Service
2. Calculator Selling Service
3. Photocopying & Printing Service
4. Ball Lending Service

5. Umbrella Lending Service
6. Grills Lending Service
7. Telephone Service
8. Lock Selling & Unlocking Service