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STEAM Education

Our Goal

  1. Promote Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in school
  2. Seek gifted potential students in STEAM to develop their talents
  3. Increase students’ opportunities and exposure to STEAM through their participation in
    • F.1 and F.2 STEAM lessons
    • external competitions, exhibitions, visits, seminars and STEAM-related activities

Purpose of STEAM Education

  1. To develop among students a solid knowledge base and to enhance their interests in Science, Technology , Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics for further studies and careers in facing the challenges in the contemporary world
  2. To strengthen students’ ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills, and to nurture students’ creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, as well as to foster their innovation and entrepreneurial spirit as required in the 21st century
  3. To strengthen the professional capacity of and collaboration among teachers and the school partnerships with community stakeholders
  4. To nurture talents and develop experts in STEAM areas to contribute to the development of Hong Kong
  5. To assist students in acquiring the effective methods for learning STEAM via
    – project learning
    – explicit training on problem-solving procedures and analytical skills
  1. To provide students with opportunities for greater exposure for enrichment/extension purposes through enrichment classes, seminars and different types of visits related to STEAM
  2. To help students acquire a sense of mastery over what they have learnt and develop a keener interest in STEAM
  3. To maintain an effective vertical alignment of curricula in different forms and promote communication among different subjects

Persons Responsible

  • Lau Siu Fung
  • Chn Miu Kuen Ethel
  • Lai On Ki 
  • Lam Kwok Wai
  • Lin Chun Fat 
  • Leung Man Lok
  • Tsang Kam Hoi

Types of Activities

  • F1 and F2 STEAM Lesson
  • STEAM Team
  • STEAM for Alumni
  • STEAM Enrichment Courses
    • Magic Mirror Workshop
      • Learning Python and Artificial Intelligent with Raspberry Pi
    • Drone Aerial Application Workshop 
    • Smart Home IOT Workshop
  • “STEAM for all” Workshops
  • Participation in External Competitions
  • STEAM Carnival
  • STEAM Internship
  • STEAM Camp


STEAM Carnival

Off-campus experience

Oversea Exposure

Green Tech Competition World Final, Taiwan
Odyssey of the Mind World Finals Michigan, United State
Odyssey of the Mind World Final Iowa, United State

STEAM for Girl

Youth Construction Discovery Challenge 「青年建造探索挑戰賽」


Let’s Make STEAM Fun Together!