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Sports Teams



  1. To develop motor skills and acquire necessary knowledge through physical activities and cultivate positive values and attitudes for the development of an active and healthy lifestyle
  2. To acquire good health, physical fitness and body coordination through an active lifestyle.
  3. To promote desirable moral behaviors, cooperation in communal life, ability in making decisions and the appreciation of aesthetic movements.
  4. To have basic competence and confidence to face different challenges.


  • Integrity
  • Continuous Learning
  • Continuous improvement
  • Develop students’ potential

Teaching Staff

*Ms. Chan Sze Yuen (*PE Panel), Mr. Ko Cheuk Ming    

School Sports Programme Coordinator

Mr. Tang Chiu Mung

An overview of yearly programme of the physical education 2021-2022

Newly emerged sports experience day 2021-2022

Sports promotion day 2021-2022

Sports teams overview

CNEC Christian College has 8 School Sports Teams, each with two to four hours of training per week by professional coaches or P.E. teachers throughout the year. We have made great achievements under the Hong Kong School Sports Federation.

Sports teams

  • Athletics (Team Adviser: Chan Sze Yuen)
  • Badminton (Team Adviser: Ms. Chan Sze Yuen)
  • Basketball (Team Adviser: Ms. Chan Sze Yuen)
  • Diabolo (Team Adviser: Mr. Ko Cheuk Ming)
  • Football (Team Adviser: Mr. Thong Chi Wai)
  • Indoor Rowing (Team Adviser: Ms. Chan Sze Yuen and Mr. Tang Chiu Mung)
  • Table-tennis (Team Adviser: Mr. Ko Cheuk Ming)
  • Volleyball (Team Adviser: Mr. Ko Cheuk Ming)

Sports association

We have established a student-led organization called the “Sports Association”, which was formed by different sports team representatives at CNEC Christian College. It organizes a wide range of internal and external sports-related activities which help to cultivate students’ leadership skills and enhance their personal capabilities. Our motto is ‘One team one goal’. It represents the strong sense of belonging and cohesion among the athletes.

Sports in cnec christian college

A special curriculum was designed for our students that can strengthen students’ learning motivation. We offer life-wide learning opportunities through sports to enhance their inner strength, teamwork and problem-solving skills.


Inter-School Swimming Competition 2021-2022
1C Hau Lok HimBoys C 50M Backstroke2nd Runner-up
2A Chan Ka KiuGirls C 100M BreaststrokeChampion
2B Tam Ho HimBoys C 50M Free Style3rd Runner-up
4B Lee Chun HoBoys A 50M Butterfly3rd Runner-up
4C Law Ho PongBoys B 200M Breaststroke3rd Runner-up
4C Choi Yee ManGirls B 50M Free Style2nd Runner-up
4C Yim Ying Oi KellyGirls B 200M BreaststrokeChampion
Inter-School Athletics Competition 2021-2022
2A Tsui Yu HinBoys B 400M3rd Runner-up
4B Wong Ching HimBoys B Long Jump2nd Runner-up
5B Chow Hiu ManGirls A 200M1st Runner-up
5D Au Cheuk YeeGirls A 100M3rd Runner-up


C Yim Ying Oi Kelly,
the Champion of Girls B 200M Breaststroke (Inter-School Swimming Competition 2021-2022)

Lee Chun Ho,
the 3rd Runner-up of Boys A 50M Butterfly (Inter-School Swimming Competition 2021-2022)

5B Chow Hiu Man,
the 1st Runner-up of Girls A 200M (Inter-School Athletics Competition 2021-2022)

2A Chan Ka Kiu,
the Champion of Girls C 100M Breaststroke (Inter-School Swimming Competition 2021-2022) 

4C Choi Yee Man,
the 2nd Runner-up of Girls B 50M Free Style (Inter-School Swimming Competition 2021-2022)

4B Wong Ching Him,
2nd Runner-up of Boys B Long Jump (Inter-School Athletics Competition 2021-2022)

Athletics Team

Badminton Team

Football Team