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1. Enrich the school life of students
2. Stimulate students’ interests
3. Build up the sense of responsibility
4. Develop students’ leadership skills
5. Learn to respect others
6. Enhance students’ sense of belonging

Solar Eclipse Observation Tour in the US


1.Teacher advisor
2.Committee Members
  A. Chiarperson
  B. Vice-Chairperson
  C. Secretary
  D. Treasurer

Fitness training during the clubs
day activity
Stargazing activity run by the Astronomy Club


1. Activities organized by the Clubs
2.Organize whole-school activities for students
3.Organize competitions for students ​

Diabolo Club
Chinese Society
Table-tennis Club
Astronomy Club
History Society
Mathematics Club
Backwoods Club
Rummikub Club
Bowling Club

Bridge Club

Chess Club & Board Games Club

Drama and Short Video Filming Club

English Public Speaking and Debating Team

Music Club

Photography Club

Quiz Association

Science Club