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Prefect Team


Led by discipline teachers, the Prefect Team is a student association under our school’s Discipline Action Group.  The mission of the Prefect Team is to help the school maintain a disciplined, safe and harmonious learning environment.

The setting up of the Prefect Team aims to help team members strengthen their leadership, sense of responsibility and confidence through assisting teachers to maintain good order in school.  Joining the Prefect Team, students also assist in important school events, through which they enhance their organization power, strain capacity and learn about interpersonal skills.  All prefects serve as role models for other students in the aspects of study, discipline as well as behaviours, contributing to the simple and positive school ethos.


Headed by Head Prefects, and led by Prefect Leaders, the prefects are responsible for organizing and monitoring the discipline of the following activities:

1. Daily Events

The routine duties of the Prefect Team are as follows:
  • Maintaining good order of the school before the morning assembly, during recesses and the lunch break every day
  • Checking school uniform regularly
  • Arranging seating plans and escorting schoolmates to the hall for assemblies and various school events

2. Special Events

The Prefect Team also assists in important special events held throughout the year, such as Parents’ Day, F.1 Admission Information Day, Student Council and House Elections, Sports Days, Speech Day, and Candle Light Passing Ceremony.  Our devoted prefects demonstrate enthusiasm and a strong sense of responsibility while performing duties in various school events.

Head Prefect at CNECCC Golden Jubilee Sports Day

Head Prefects, Prefect Leaders and Prefect at CNECCC Golden Jubilee Sports Day

Prefect Meeting



Every year, the Discipline Action Group organizes two tailored-made training courses, one for Head Prefects and Prefect Leaders, and another for all prefects.  The targeted activities include team building games, case analysis and group discussions.  The training courses aim to explore and enhance prefects’ strengths, strengthen their bonding, and develop a strong and effective team.

Prefect Meeting

Prefect Leadership Training

Prefect Leadership Training

Head Prefects
Yan Ho Ching Lo Man Man

Prefect Leaders
Wan Yu Yin Zeng Daniel Lin Zhi Min Zhao Chung Ham Lo Wing Sze
Lee Cheuk Ying Wong Tsz Yau Au Hoi Ching Lam Yi Yan Pan Jia Wen
Liu Cheng Shing Hau Sin Lam Liu Sheung Licole Lui Ching Yi Lee Suet Yu
Lum Sum Oi Chiu Cheuk Ling Mok Cheuk Yin

Chan Hei Man Wong Yuen Yat Chau Sui Hei Tang Wing Chi Li Yat Ching
Liang Xiao Jing Lo Lok Tung Hui Wing Lok Hui Fong Yung Su Wen Jie
Ng Tsz Ching Ho Man Wing Leung Cheuk Yau Tang Wing Chi Chan Sze Kei
Fan Lok Him Huang Kai Di Mung Ka Lok Sze Chiu Suet Tam Tsz Yu
Yu Hoi Sun Cheng Tsz Tung Tang Wing Yan Lau Sum Yi Yeung Shing Lai
Lui Xiao Qing Lau Ka Po Juk Fook Yi Fa Cheuk Hang Chan Ka Kiu
Chau Ka Kei Ng Nga Lam Lin Lok Yee Woo Lai Shun Chiu Ka Lai
Lo Wai Hing Huang Tsz Yan Tang Ka Ching Li Wing Tung Chan Kan
Fu Lok Hang Ng Wai To