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Social Services


  1. Provide opportunities for students to reach out to help the people in need in our community
  2. Enhance students’ self-esteem
  3. Develop students’ leadership and communication skills, and the ability to work well with a team


  1. Flag-selling
  2. Hot Meal Service
  3. Service for the elderly
  4. Service for the Asian minorities
  5. Service for newly-arrived children
  6. Service for the grassroots community


Co-work with the NGOs or church to organize voluntary services for the people in need in our community.

Social Service Group

Our Goals

  • To build empathy in students and provide them with the opportunities to care for the underprivileged in society.
  • To connect students with our community and society, enabling them to become responsible and compassionate citizens.
  • To foster students’ leadership.
  • To understand the values of serving others.
  • To strengthen the bond between students and residents in Kwai Tsing community.
  • To serve a wide range of non-governmental organizations.

Persons Responsible

  • Yau Shuk Yuen
  • Cheung Lam
  • Chan Wing Fung
  • Or Wai Shan

Types of Activities

  • Visiting the needy
  • Flag-selling for fundraising
  • Training for volunteer service

Hot Meal Service

Service for Asian Minorities

Visiting the grassroots community


Elderly Home Visit

Elderly Home Visit

Animal Shelter Cleaning

Animal Shelter Cleaning

Animal Shelter Cleaning

Animal Shelter Cleaning​

Elderly Service

Elderly Service

Elderly Service

Service for mentally-ill patients

Tyre painting