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School Development Plan


Our school mission is to:

• provide a holistic education;
• nurture people of excellence; and
• promulgate the Truth and lead students to an abundant life.

Where We Are Now

Our Strengths

  • Our students admitted are in general of higher ability. They have great potentials and are willing to learn.
  • Teachers are professionally trained. They care about the growth of the students.Good rapport between students and teachers has been established.
  • There is steady support from our long-term partners. The School Church, the Parent Association, and the Alumni Association enhance the effectiveness of parenting, holistic development of the students and school development.
  • The Incorporated Management Committee provides the school with great support.
  • The school places emphasis on the nurturing of students’ all-round abilities, morality and spiritual growth.

Our Weaknesses

  • There is diversity in terms of students’ learning ability.
  • Some students seem rather passive and are not self-motivated enough to learn independently.
  • Some senior teachers will reach their retirement age in a few years. There is a critical need for the school management to initiate succession planning and provide more training opportunities for potential middle managers.

Our Opportunities

  • The school has a very close partnership with the CNEC Chapel. Gospel work and character building can be facilitated effectively.
  • The CNECCC Education Foundation is launched. With the additional resources, the education quality and environment will be enhanced.
  • Covid-19 urges a paradigm shift to blended learning (face-to-face and online learning). This also urged the importance of self-directed learning.

Our Threats

  • Social impact from the internet and contemporary culture affect the learning
    attitude, studies and time management of students. Positive education and Christian values need to be strengthened.
  • Covid-19 poses a threat to learning and teaching. Interacting with students become more restricted and monitoring them through online platform is not easy.
Major Concerns for 2022-2025
1. Nurturing students to be self-directed learners and catering for their diverse learning needs
2. Promoting positive values education and good mental health to help students live a purposeful life.

School Development Plan (2022-2023 to 2024-2025)