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Our Goal

  1. To enhance students’ aesthetic sensitivity and cultural understandings
  2. To enhance students’ ability to listen intelligently to music
  3. To enhance students’ ability to understand the different degree of musical literacy
  4. To raise students’ awareness of musical style
  5. To raise students’ enjoyment and satisfaction through participating in music activities
  6. To enhance students’ ability to pursue a life-long interest and appreciation of music

Music Activities

1. Choral Training

The Mixed Voice Choir of SSA/ SAB? is established in our school to provide opportunity for choral singing training. The choir has participated in the competition of the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, the Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival and the Joint Schools Music Association Competition. We also sing praise to God at the School’s Annual Graduation Ceremony.

2. Hymn Singing

All the teachers and students are used to singing hymns in the Morning Assembly. Both traditional and modern hymns in English and Cantonese are introduced.

3. Practical Training

Various instrumental classes and vocal classes are launched to provide practical training among students. Students concerned are encouraged to join the ensembles and the ABRSM Practical Examination. Besides, ensembles i.e. the Handchime Ensemble, piano duo group and Clarinet Trio were established for the development of ensembleship and building up team spirit.

4. Performance

Students of each instrumental class and ensemble will have the opportunity to perform in the School Annual Concert. Besides, some talented and outstanding students will be invited to perform in the Music Celebration or Lunch-time Concert. In the last few years, we started to share music on various external occasions.

5. Music Interest Group

The Music Club aims to cultivate interest in music among students and the Club is in charge of planning, organizing and launching music-related events.

6. Music Appreciation

Students, especially from the Senior Form, are encouraged to attend external concerts and complete concert reports afterwards.

7. Advanced Learning

Talented students with great interest in music can have the chance to take HKDSE Music by enrolling in the joint-school networking program.

8. Awards

To encourage our students to have more achievements in music, the school offers the Parents’ Association Trophy.

Persons Responsible

Miss So Ming Yuen
Miss Lim Wai Ki

Types of Activities

1. The Mixed Voice Choir

Our Music teacher, Miss So Ming Yuen is in charge of the training for the choir singing, mostly sacred music choral pieces for competition, concerts and the Graduation Ceremony. In 2017-2018, we obtained first place and the Dr. Mok Hing Yiu Trophy in Class N68 in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. What’s more, we recently received the Gold award in the 2nd Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival Competition, Gold & Silver awards in the Junior Class and Challenging Class of the Joint School Music Association Competition respectively. We aim at exploring a splendid array of repertoire and developing good choral musicianship among the members.

2. The Morning Assembly & the Gospel Week

Making use of the Hymnal For Campus and a tailor-made album with modern hymns, students learn to sing hymns during the Music lessons and Morning Assembly. The Music Department also worked with the Religious Action Group in creating the theme song of the Gospel Week.

3. Internal Courses Ensembles

Instrumental & vocal courses

Courses of clarinet, alto saxophone, percussion and singing are launched throughout the year and are held mainly on Saturdays. We are proud to have experienced instructors, who are with high proficiency in special instrumental and vocal training and have attained bachelor degree or master degree in Music, serving the school with much effort.

Students would have a chance to perform in the Lunchtime Concert and participate in external competition. Students are highly encouraged to take the ABRSM Practical Examination in September.

Instrumental Class

Instrumental Class

Handchime Ensemble

The Handchime Ensemble was established in 2012. Playing music with a set of handchime requires a very particular technique as each note is formed from an individual chime thus requiring coordination between the players. The aim of the Ensemble is to enhance members’ ensembleship through regular training. The two ensembles participate in competitions like the Intermediate Section of the School Handbell Competition held by the Handbell Association of Hong Kong and the JSMA Inter-school Competition (Handchime). The teams have yielded fruitful results. Besides, the Ensemble is frequently invited to perform on internal or public occasions, namely Annual Concert of the EdRingers, School’s 45th Anniversary Ceremony, Music Celebration and Easter Service. The Handchime Ensemble has made more students of CNEC Christian College to know more about this wonderful instrument and sparked many students’ interests. Members’ self-confidence is boosted through these amazing experiences.  

Lunchtime Concert

Instrumental Class

Instrumental Class

4. The Music Club

The committee members of the Music Club prepare and share music-related topic during Clubs’ Days every year. All members attend an external concert once a year. The committee members are also the chief members of the Music Association and are responsible for organizing and promoting all the music-related events in school.

5. External Concerts & OLE-Program

We encourage students to join or attend the followings:

  • The Young Friends Scheme (HKAF)
  • The Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme (HKADC)
  • The Jockey Club Keys to Music Education Programme (HKPO)
  • The Young Audience Scheme (HKPO)
  • The Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students (LCSD)
  • 賽馬會中國音樂教育及推廣計劃 (香港中樂團)
  • The Jockey Club Hong Kong International A Cappella Festival (HKFYG)
  • External Concerts organized by the Opera Hong Kong, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, etc.

6. HKDSE-Music Program

Having applied for the DLG (Other Programme) Funding of the Education Bureau, our school forms a network, with 4-6 network schools, to provide the in-school program of HKDSE-Music curriculum, which is taught by the instructors from the Institute of Hong Kong Senior Secondary School Music Education.

7. The Parents’ Association Trophy

The Parents’ Association of our school awards trophies to students who are talented and have excellent performance in Music, Visual Arts and Drama.

Any Achievements


Performing group Award Event Organization
Mixed Voice Choir Gold medal Junior Class, Inter-school Competition 2021 Joint School Music Association
Mixed Voice Choir Silver medal Challenging Class, Inter-school Competition 2021 Joint School Music Association
Handbell Ensemble (Team A) Gold medal Inter-school Competition 2021 Joint School Music Association
Handbell Ensemble (Team B) Silver medal Inter-school Competition 2021 Joint School Music Association
Student Winner Graded Piano Solo – Grade 7, The 73rd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association


Performing group Award Event Organization
Mixed Voice Choir Silver medal Hong Kong Inter-school Choral Competition & Masterclass 2020 Hong Kong Inter-school Choral Festival