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CNEC Christian College (HK)
Education Foundation Limited (CNECCCEF)


  • CNEC Christian College (our college) has been operating under Hong Kong Government’s aided school scheme since our establishment in 1973.
  • Under the aided school scheme, our college gets funding from government every year according to the number of classes approved in that year. Funding has been cut with the reduction of classes from 31 to 24.
  • Extra sources of funding are needed for sustainable improvement in teaching quality and learning environment. CNEC Christian College (HK) Education Foundation Limited has been established to receive and manage funding from alumni, parents and other parties.

Why support CNECCCEF?

  1. Quality and free education (regardless of social background)
  2. Aided school – financial dependency – coping with rapidly changing education landscape – maintain long term competitiveness
  3. Sustainable development of the school – nurture Christian leaders


CNEC Christian College (HK) Education Foundation Limited was established in 2020.
It has been registered as a charitable organization.
The purpose of its establishment is to raise funds required by CNEC Christian College in improving school environment, enhancing teaching quality and coping with changes in curriculum.

Targeted uses of the CNECCCEF

The Education Foundation Limited receives and manages donations. The funds received will be used to support the following projects:

  1. Upgrading teaching and learning facilities/aids
  2. STEM development
  3. Renovation of school campus
  4. Sponsoring extra-curricular activities, exchange programmes and scholarships