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Scouts, Venture Scouts and Rover Scouts


  1. Challenging and progressive training and events
  2. Nurturing students to be independent, responsible, helpful
  3. Supporting students’ multifaceted developments
  4. Building up students’ correct personal values

About Us

We created the slogan “Excellence and Loyalty,” (精忠報旅 無悔合一) which is a message we hope our members will remember. In pursuit of “Excellence”, we hope that our NKC13th members will continue to push themselves and achieve their goals via scout training. We aim to encourage the physical, mental and moral development of our members so that they are able to take a constructive place in society.  In terms of “Loyalty”, it is the duty of loyalty to others, in the hope that members will be faithful to the companions, leaders, and the brigade to which they belong, and that they will develop a high character. Throughout the last 47 years, we have always demonstrated the ethos of “Excellence and Loyalty,” with no regrets.

NKC13th Organization

Scouts Organisational Chart




Group Scout Leader

Mr. Fung Wai Hung

Scout Leaders

Mr. Chu Ho Leung

Mr. Wong Anson On Sang

Assistant Scout Leaders

Mr. Chan Chung Man

Mr. Chan Yik Pang

Mr. Cheung Ho Yin

Mr. Chiu Leung Chun

Mr. Li Chun Yi

Mr. Lee Shun Ming Matthew

Mr. Wong Kwan Kit

Mr. Wong Ming Sum

Types of activities

  • Backwoods and cooking
  • Camping
  • City Hunt
  • Community service
  • First-aid training
  • Foot drilling
  • General meetings on Saturday
  • Joint Troop meeting
  • Map reading
  • Outdoor hiking activities
  • Pioneering
  • Progressive badge assessment
  • World Scout Jamboree


We believe that healthy competition can enable Scouts to break through obstacles and enhance their talents in a variety of ways . As a consequence, we competed in a number of competitions , including the Scout Section Scoutcraft Ranking Competition and the Hong Kong Carlton Trophy Competition. Before the event, the participating scouts were given various training sessions to improve their skills. Their strengths in all areas, as well as the underlying understanding and friendship among the training team members, made secondary school a memorable experience for them.