SALSP 2019-20 Report

School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes 2019/20 s.y.

School-based Grant - Programme Report

Staff-in-charge: Mr. Ng Wai Leung         Contact Telephone No. : 24230365

A. The number of students (count by heads) benefitted under the Grant is 167

    (including A. 43 CSSA recipients, B. 91 SFAS full-grant recipients and C. 33 under school’s discretionary quota).

B. Information on Activities to be subsidised/complemented by the Grant.

* Name / Type of activity#Actual no. of participating eligible studentsAverage attendance ratePeriod/Date activity heldActual expenses ($)Method(s) of evaluation (e.g. test, questionnaire, etc)Name of partner/ service provider (if applicable)Remarks if any (e.g. students’ learning and affective outcome)
1. F.2 Growth Camp013100%Jan 2020$800- Feedback and/or questionnaires from students;
- Attendance records from teachers.
2. Visual arts courses11190%Oct 2019 – Feb 2020$1,318.5- Positive feedback from students and teachers
- Comments from course instructors;
- Attendance records from subject teachers
3. School Picnic Coach Fee187100%Nov 2019$848.3- Positive feedback from students and teachersCNECCC
Total no. of activities: 3
@No. of man-times142230
**Total no. of man-times66Total Expenses:$2,966.8

Note: ASLG Allocation (19/20) = $127,800
Balance brought forward from 18/19 = $57,798.1
Balance carried forward to 20/21 = $182,631.3

*      Types of activities are categorized as follows: tutorial service, learning skill training, languages training, visits, art /culture activities, sports, self-confidence development, volunteer service, adventure activities, leadership training, and communication skills training courses.
@    Man-times: refers to the aggregate no. of benefitted students participating in each activity listed above.
**   Total no. of man-times: the aggregate of man-times (A) + (B) + (C)
#     Eligible students: students in receipt of CSSA (A), SFAS full grant (B) and disadvantaged students identified by the school under the discretionary quota (not more than 25%) (C).