SALSP Plan 2020-21

School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes 2020/21 s. y.

School-based Grant - Programme Plan

Staff-in-charge: Mr. Ng Wai Leung   Contact Telephone No.: 24230365

A. The estimated number of students (count by heads) benefitted under this Programme is 167 (including A. 34 CSSA recipients, B. 123 SFAS full-grant recipients and C. 39 under school’s discretionary quota).

B. Information on Activities to be subsidised/complemented by the Grant.

* Name / Type of activity Objectives of the activity Success criteria (e.g. learning effectiveness) Method(s) of valuation (e.g. test, questionnaire, etc.) Period/Date activity to be held # Estimated no. of participating eligible students Estimated expenditure ($)Name of partner/service provider (if applicable)
Music Instrumental/Vocal

1. To pursue in playing instrument;
2. To learn singing technique
1. Students have a chance to perform their skills by means of competitions or performance in or outside school;
2. All participants attend at least 80% of the lessons.
1. Feedbacks and/or questionnaires from students;
2. Comments from course instructors;
3. Positive feedback from the audiences of the performances;
4. Attendance records from corresponding subject teachers
Oct 2020 to Aug 202110100$10,000Organized by the school or other organizations
Visual Arts Courses
1. Develop the basic skills in illustrating and painting1. Able to master the skills learnt in the course1. Positive feedback from students;
2. Comments from course instructors;
3. Attendance records from corresponding subject teachers
Nov 2020 to Aug 20215100$4,400Organized by the school or other organizations
Cultural visit to Russia1. To learn the culture of Russia.
2. To understand the life of people in Russia.
1. Students can tell cultural activities of Russia.
2. Students can tell the daily activities of people who live in Russia.
1. Students are required to submit reports about the visit.July, 20216140$60,000Organized by the school or other organizations
Total no. of activities: 3@No. of man-times 21340$74,400
**Total no. of man-times55
* Types of activities are categorized as follows: tutorial service, learning skill training, languages training, visits, art /culture activities, sports, self-confidence development, volunteer service, adventure activities, leadership training, and communication skills training courses.
@Man-times: refers to the aggregate no. of benefitted students participating in each activity listed above.
**Total no. of man-times: the aggregate of man-times (A) + (B) + (C)
# Eligible students: students in receipt of CSSA(A), SFAS full grant (B) and disadvantaged students identified by the school under the discretionary quota (not more than 25%) (C) .