Prefect Team 1819


Led by discipline teachers, Prefect Team is a student association under our school’s Discipline Action Group.  The formation of the Prefect Team aims to help students strengthen their leadership, responsibility and confidence through assisting teachers to maintain good orders in school.

Besides, joining the Prefect Team, students can build up their strain capacity and learn more about interpersonal skills.  All the prefects are role models for other students in the aspects of study, discipline as well as behaviors, so the pure and simple climate of school is maintained.


Head prefects, assisted by prefect leaders, are responsible for organizing and monitoring the discipline of following activities:

1. Daily Events

There are routine duties as follow:

  • Maintaining good order of our school before morning assembly, during recess and lunch break every day
  • Entire school uniform checking regularly
  • Arranging seating plans for various school events and assemblies and leading schoolmates to enter the corresponding locations
  • Collecting found items within the campus and returning them to the owners

2. Special Events

Beside daily events, there are some special events throughout the year, such as Student Council and House Election, Parents Nights, Parents Day, Sports Day, F.1 Admission Information Day, Speech Day and Candle Light Passing Ceremony. The common duties are as follows:

  • Assisting taking attendance
  • Arranging the seating plan
  • Preparing materials needed
  • Cooperating with other school units

Head Prefect in 42nd Sports Day

Prefects meeting

Head Prefects and Prefects Leaders in Prefect Room



Every year, the Discipline Action Group organizes two tailored-made training courses, one for head prefects and prefect leaders, and another for all prefects. The content of training courses includes role plays, games and discussions. The aims are to boost prefects’ confidence and strengthen the bonds and interdependence in a team.

Prefect Leader Training

Prefect Leader Training

Prefect Team Training

Head Prefects    
Lai Kei YiuLam Hei Chit
Prefect Leaders
Chan Ho ChingTsang Hiu TungLee Ka WaiPun Mei ChiChan Sze Yan
Cheung Siu YauChan Tsz ChunWutt Tsz YingChan Wing TungPoon Yong Xian
Koo Lok LamLi YumingLin Hong ManWut Ho YiuZheng Yuqian
Chan Wai Man Ng Cheuk TungWan Lok YanTing Wai KuenKwong Wing Ka
Wan Sum Yee Wong Yee Kiu Chan Pak WaiChen Yuet TingCheng Fei Fung
Lai Tin Wing Lam Tsz YingWang HamLeong Kwun Hei Lui Sung Chit
Cheng Ka YiFung Tsz Ching Leung Evelyn Leung Man YeeLo Wai Lam
Cheung Cheuk Kwan AsterFung Ka HeiLam Hei ChunKwong Wing LamShek Wing Yan
Wong Sze WingWong Tsz Hin HarrisYip Kin LokLau Yuk YingLeung Tsz Wan
Ng Chi NokChung Nga ManCheung Wing LamKo Tsz NgaLaw Yi Man
Lee Gerald Moses