3-year Plan 2015-2018

Three-Year-Plan 2015-2018

Measures to broaden students’ choices of elective subjects and Provision of gifted education programmes

for 2015/16 to 2017/18 cohort of senior secondary students

DLG funded Programme(s)Strategies & benefits anticipated
(e.g. in what way students’ diverse learning needs are
catered for)
Name of Programme(s) / course(s) and Provider(s) Duration of the programme / courseTarget studentsEstimated no. of students involved in each school year Evaluation of student learning / success indicators Teacher in charge
Applied Learning (ApL) - To offer a range of ApL courses for students with different learning needs and interests
- Students acquire diversified learning experiences and develop career aspirations
Courses in the following areas of studies:
- Creative Studies
- Business, Management and Law
- Services
- Applied Science
- Engineering and Production
180 hours in 2 years S5 & S6 students of this cohort of students 105-105-10- Students successfully completing ApL courses as shown in the record of student learning
- Survey / evaluation report on students’ feedback
- Assessment of students’ performance
NSS Co-ordinator