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Have you registered as a member of the CNECCC Alumni Association before :
是否曾經登記為安柱中學校友會會員 :
Yes 是 No 否 Not certain 不確定

10. If "yes" to question 9, the type of member you have registered is :
若第9條問題為 "是" ,登記會員種類為 :
Basic member 基本會員 (No membership fee was paid 沒繳交過會費)
Basic Member 基本會員 (Paid $50 membership fee 已繳交會費50元)
Permanent Member永久會員 (Paid $300 membership fee 已繳交會費300元 )
Not certain 不確定
* Compulsory item 必須填寫

Statement of Purpose for the Collection of Personal Data: The personal data provided by you by means of this form will be used by CNECCC Alumni Association only for affairs relating to the Association. You may inform us for amendments of personal data in writing or through email.